When taking on the task of renovating a fixer upper or upgrading your home, there are tools to make your DIY home renovations easier, faster, and more enjoyable.

A Drill With Multiple Sizes and Types of Drill Bits

The necessity of having an electric drill with multiple drill bits cannot be overstated during the process of renovating your home. Drills will be used for installing doors, removing doors, putting furniture together, taking down kitchen counters, installing kitchen counters, in a whole host of other things that make having a drill one of the best tools in Your Arsenal as a DIY home renovator.

A Steamer Mop

Maybe this one is unexpected, but a steamer with mopping and scrubbing accessories can be used for deep cleaning stoves, bathrooms, and wood floors, removing vinyl flooring, removing old paint instead of paint scraping for the rest of eternity. Trust me, that’s how long it takes to scrape up paint that is not coming off willingly. Also the clean-up of the mess left by paint chips is not always something that simply laying down a tarp will take care of.

Using a steamer to take off paint results in paint that removes in large pieces, making the process much cleaner and faster.

Screw Drivers

An indispensable part of any DIY Renovators toolkit, the screwdriver will be helpful for replacing door handles, removing old screws before patching up walls, putting together small pieces of furniture, and installing new structural items to the house.

Paint Scrapers Of Varying Sizes

Despite its name, paint scrapers can be used to scrape all sorts of things while renovating a home. In fact, during the process of upgrading my fixer upper, I have used paint scrapers not only for scraping paint, but also to patch up holes in the drywall, chisel up vinyl flooring panels, and to remove adhesive stickers from glass.

A Variety Of Paint Brushes

You never really know just which sort of paint brush will get the job done. In the process of painting doors (with windows), walls, wall trims in differing, accent colors, and furniture, one thing that will help you in all these different aspects of painting, is having a variety of paint brushes that are suited to these different tasks. Some jobs, like painting a wall, can be done with larger paint brushes or with roller paint brushes, while painting between the window panes will require something smaller and more precise, so as to avoid painting the glass windows as well.

Sanding Blocks or An Electric Sander

During any home renovation process, sanding will be necessary to remove rough edges that can cause splinters, stubbed toes, or other injuries, or are just generally unsightly. Whether it be sanding newly installed wood floors, renovating old new floors by sanding down the old finish to refinish the wood, removing wood stain from old furniture for something fresh and new, or even smoothing out freshly mudded drywall, sanding is a necessary part of improving the aesthetics and comfort of your home.

Almost anything is possible to do with some relatively inexpensive sanding blocks, but that sort of manual labor is far more time-consuming than purchasing or renting a sander for your renovation project.

Cleaning Sponges

You will be doing a constant amount of cleaning during your home renovation process and having sponges on deck will help the process along much faster. Sponges are varying sizes can be used to wash the walls before painting, to wipe down Dusty areas before applying drywall mud, to clean off countertops before laying new countertops, for removing drywall dust after cutting into drywall, and all other sorts of applications.

A Couple Large 5 Gallon Buckets

Having some 5 gallon buckets on hand is great for helping to keep your home clean and you’re working area free from debris while you are doing your home renovations. Buggies can also be used for carrying tools back and forth and if you upgrade a bucket with a tool holding belt it can be an excellent way to organize your tools and help keep them on hand as you move from room to room working on your house.

You can also get some 5 gallon buckets for free by checking places like Facebook Marketplace or by simply being on the lookout for people who throwing out trash from their homes and leaving it on the curbside. If you are painting early on in your home renovation project you can simply just keep your paint buckets to be reused as cleaning buckets or tool organization buckets in the future of your home renovations.

Tarps are a true necessity when doing any home renovation project

Home renovating is a messy process. Although vacuuming is always going to be a necessary evil to keep dust from overtaking you and clogging up your lungs, you can reduce the amount of vacuuming and sweeping that needs to be done by investing in a good tarp. Tarps are also very useful and reusable tools during the wall painting process as they protect floors from mistakes made from dripping paint or knocking over paint cans. A tarp can be laid out when you are removing paint from the walls to catch the chips and then hauled up in the style of a garbage bag to drag outside. All of these reduced the amount of Labor during the cleaning process during a home renovation. An investment in a good tarp up front means that you have something that lasts a long time and can be reused over and over again.