Removing paint from most anything is always a labor-intensive and frustrating challenge. Sometimes, it seems impossible. When taking on this heavy burden whether you’re a professional painter…or professional paint-remover, or doing some DIY home renovations that require removing paint, put down the paint scraper and move forward with the easier and faster way.

  1. Using a steamer to remove paint also has the additional benefit of being chemical free and completely natural. Therefore, you do not have to introduce any harmful chemicals to your home, walls, doors, or any other services so that you are further guarding every person or pet that lives in your home.

Use A Steamer To Remove Paint From Walls and Glass Today

The absolute fastest method that I have found when removing paint from delicate surfaces like glass, and surfaces that seem to cling back to the paint, like drywall, is to invest in a steamer. Although this tool is more expensive than a paint scraper or paint chipper, the amount of time and effort you save by going forth with the steamer will also save you a lot of headaches.

The good thing about going forth to get a steamer or steam mop is that it can be used for a hundred different things including: steaming and cleaning wood floors, removing tough, crusted over, burnt up stains from ovens and stoves, softening up those violently aggressive bathroom and tub stains, and for other home renovation projects like removing vinyl flooring. Which, by the way, is another highly labor-intensive and frustrating process when you are doing your home renovations alone and without other assistance.

The Technique of Using A Steamer to Remove Paint From Walls And Glass

Of course, purchasing a steamer is certainly not enough. With your steamer in hand, it is clear that you are looking for how to be a more effective, faster home renovator, and so, we move forward to having paint-less walls and glass.

With your steamer attachment using something that has a wide strip of steam, you start at the edges of the area you want to remove paint from and move your steamer slowly around those edges. This heats up the paint and the moisture of the steam helps to break up the stickiness that previously held the paint to your glass or wall. Move your steamer from the edge as it loosens from your wall or window, heating up your giant paint chip as it further loosens its grip.

At this point, you can move the steamer to the underside of the paint chip so that you are providing heat and moisture directly between the paint and the wall or glass, melting the adhesive-like bond to speed up the paint removal.