There will never come a day where people will stop needing oxygen, food, or shelter. Though this is the case, with some well-planned renovations to your abode, you can make choices that not only help to protect the Earth, help support nature, but will also make your living costs more affordable and more sustainable for the long run. Become the ultimate tree-hugger. Support birds and bees, while reducing the cost of maintaining your home with these Earth-friendly home upgrades.

Using beautiful brown paints as the backdrop for your home's interior design instantly brings an earthy vibe that can complement a variety of color schemes while being versatile and timeless. In fact, brown paint goes well with most anything and can be used to complement anything from neon and bright paints, to the softest pastels, to other neutrals. Here's how you can use brown paints to upgrade the Earth nation vibes in your own home, whether you're painting your kitchen, home office, living room, or bedroom, brown paint is flexible and willing to go the distance for you.