Brown is not a boring color. Upgrade your space by choosing a beautiful and warm shade of brown paint for your next home painting project.

Using beautiful brown paints as the backdrop for your home’s interior design instantly brings an earthy vibe that can complement a variety of color schemes while being versatile and timeless. In fact, brown paint goes well with most anything and can be used to complement anything from neon and bright paints, to the softest pastels, to other neutrals.

Here’s how you can use brown paints to upgrade the Earth nation vibes in your own home, whether you’re painting your kitchen, home office, living room, or bedroom, brown paint is flexible and willing to go the distance for you.

Check out these brown paint colors that I used in my own home while doing DIY home renovations.

Try The “Toasted Teacake” Brown Paint From Graham & Brown In The Home Office

This Toasted Teacake Paint from Graham & Brown provides excellent coverage and makes a beautiful and neutral backdrop for all those Zoom meetings you’re forced to endure for the sake of being a part of a team despite not being in the office.

For an even more cave-like and warm feeling, painting the ceiling completes the look, especially with the matte finish provided by the paint to reduce glare from glowing screens, monitors, and cell phones.

The Toasted Teacake brown paint by Graham & Brown truly transformed the look of my home office before I started adding any furniture or accents.

I’ve since added in other neutrals and slid in some pastels to offset the brown paint in the form of chairs, planters, wallpaper, and knickknacks on the built-in book shelves.

I also took the opportunity to add in some additional color by utilizing the storage shelves that are also built-in close to the ceiling.