You have what you need.

There is something incredible about having peace about where the Lord has us even if it’s not what we pictured for ourselves.

Where we’re at right now isn’t perfect, but it sure is beautiful.

Just so you get a little background, my husband, Stephen, bought a house before we were married and we lived in that house for a little over 2 years before we moved. When we moved to TN in January ’17, we were so graciously given a house to live in while we got settled and Stephen found a job. Then we lived with Stephen’s sister for one month (her family deserves a medal for putting up with us) until the rental we found was available and in July we moved in our adorable rental house that was perfect for us. We stayed there for almost a whole year until we moved back home to NH. I say this all to give you a picture. . . we were doing well in TN. Stephen had found a job in Nashville and we were well on our way to save for a house!! We were on track for “success”.

Well, long story short, TN wasn’t home to us and we found ourselves wishing we could be back in New England.

Now we’re back in NH and we are living in a wonderful couple’s basement apartment. It’s great and it’s all we need right now, but we’d be lying if we said there isn’t a part of us that wishes we could just be back in our own home, yard and space.

We didn’t want to purchase right when we moved  (and tbh we couldn’t afford it quite yet) because we wanted to figure out what area of NH was best for us to be in, what kind of house we were looking for, and how Stephen’s job would be. Now, Stephen has a job he loves and he is progressing fast. That guy is a hard worker, let me tell ya…one of the many reasons I fell in love with him. We are just getting back to trying to save for a house and it’s hard. Saying no to stuff we want now so we can say yes to a house we love later.

All right, I’m about to get real here….

It’s hard to feel settled when I know an apartment isn’t where I want my ‘forever home’ to be.

Traditions suddenly feel mundane because they probably won’t play out exactly how I envision.

Holidays can seem a little less magical because they aren’t picture perfect. (Kids are supposed to come running down the stairs in excitement of Christmas morning, not walk out their room and already be in the living room, right? I know….it’s silly…but being honest here.)

I find myself scared to dream about what I want for a future house out of fear that discontentment will settle in.

It’s impossible for our master bedroom to be relaxing because hello?? Where’s my shiplap accent wall and Cottenstem pear candle??

I can get so caught up in my lack of space that I neglect to entertain guests. After all, who wants to sit at my table I have yet to refinish?

There’s no possible way my food tastes good because it wasn’t cooked in a white washed kitchen {with wood and copper accents, btw}. Oh, and we use paper plates and plastic cups because, bye dishes.

I can get so caught up in the things I would change that I ignore the things I can do.

I don’t have to worry about a big house to clean, organize, and probably spend too much money on decorating. It’s not that I don’t care about perfect decor. . .believe me, hand me a pretty gift card and Target here I come! It’s all about creating a space with less clutter, less noise, and less perfection so that our family can thrive in love and in Christ.

I can run the vacuum and mop the floors in 30 mins. That gives me more time with my kids.

If my friends are over, I can be in the kitchen and hear them from any room in the house. That allows my guests to feel welcome even if I’m changing my daughter’s diaper in her room and their on the living room couch.

I reevaluate what I purchase because I don’t need to fill a small home with lots of stuff just to let it get cluttered and of course, dusty.

If my babies are crying, I can walk out my bedroom door and be right at their door. They feel safe.

The less empty space in the house, the less room for that intruder to hide in (I know, I know, probably will never happen…I’ll blame this one on my postpartum anxiety.)

Anyways, no matter where I live ($25K trailer or $400K house), if I bring my family home and they feel safe, loved, and it is a place of refuge from the world then my job is done. My home needs to show Jesus to my family……it does not have to look like the latest Fixer Upper, magazine-worthy farmhouse. Period. The end. Anything else is: EXTRA (unnecessary to fulfill my home’s intended purpose).

Life doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful. Don’t believe the lie that anything less than perfection decreases your opportunities to serve Christ.

Friend, where God has you right now is where you need to learn to thrive. Contentment in my home comes from understanding what the Lord has called me to. He calls me to be hospitable, show love, teach my children to fear God and obey Him. He calls me to share the Gospel, speak joy and truth to others, and to love him deeply. I can do everything on that list, with HIS help, in the four walls of my home. It doesn’t matter what those four walls look like.

Psalm 34:10b says, “Those who seek the Lord lack no good thing.” The word good is not my definition of good. It is God’s definition. Seek the Lord and you’ll have what you need. Everything else is what? Say it with me…..


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