Life,  Motherhood

You are worthy, valued, loved, & needed.

To all the women who have given birth whether it was a caesarean section, naturally, hospital, home, water, birth center, back of a car, epidural, with a surgeon, doctor, midwife, L&D nurse, doula, partner….you are strong and amazing! Thank you for going through incredible pain and discomfort to bring new life into this world. 

To all the women who stay up late and wake up early to feed and nourish your baby- bottle fed, breast fed, public and private…thank you for your sacrifice and for your patience as you learn your baby’s needs. Thank you for caring and nurturing your baby’s life through co-sleeping or sleep training, organic or store brand, cloth or disposable, stroller or sling. 

To all the women with stretch marks, extra pounds, c-section scars, stained shirts and maxi pads- thank you for making your body a home for 9 months and for gracefully embracing postpartum. 

To all the women who have risked their lives teaching her child to drive, stayed up late worrying and frustrated when they are past curfew, gotten up early to pray specifically for their needs, packed lunches, made dinners, picked up and dropped off, cheered and comforted, disciplined and exhorted- thank you for doing the hard and mundane things of motherhood. 

To all the women who spend time charting and temping, buying boxes of ovulation strips and pregnancy tests, being poked and prodded, screened and evaluated, tested by doctors and specialists- you are so courageous and you are seen. Your fertility does not define you and you are loved. Thank you. 

To all the women who have cried in the bathroom during a baby shower, who stay home from church on Mother’s Day, who have been curled up in a fetal position in the shower after miscarrying your baby, who have had to undergo a D&C and come home feeling lifeless and like a failure….you are seen. And you are not alone. Thank you for your endurance and your bravery. 

To all the women who foster and adopt, who have given birth in their hearts and warmly opened up their homes- thank you. Thank you for loving through the long nights and challenging days, for loving bravely and caring deeply throughout all the unknowns, the trauma, grief, joy, hope and love that this journey brings. You are needed and you are a tangible example of Jesus and his love for us. Thank you. 

To all the women who grew up with abusive and harmful mothers- I grieve with you. Your mother’s hurt and infliction of pain and absence of love must have been so hard as a child. Thank you for your courage and for your strength. 

To all the women who have conceived and given birth in difficult situations and to all the women who parent by themselves- thank you. Thank you for your endurance, your hard work and your grit. You are valued.

Friends, this week we are celebrating you, mourning with you and praying for you. We hope you know how worthy, valued, loved and needed you are. ♥️

Emilee Berry grew up in Africa as a third culture kid and now lives in Denver, Colorado with her husband, Sam. She enjoys exploring local coffee shops, hiking, baking, journaling and serving in her local church. You can see more of Emilee’s writing and life on Instagram @emileerberry