The Other Side of the Sacrifice

Maybe it’s because of the American flags flying in the summer breeze, the celebration of our independence on the 4th, the cookouts, and the s’mores being made at the fire . . .July feels patriotic all around. On Independence Day we remember and appreciate the sacrifice shown by our soldiers when they willingly putting their lives on hold and at risk to keep our country safe. On the other side at home, we think about the sacrifice the wives and children make as they spend days, week, and months ‘holding down the fort’ at home.

We asked Naomi if she’d be willing to give us a glimpse of life in this type of ‘normal’ and we are so thankful she did. Please take the time to read this amazing testimony of faithfulness and God’s grace.

Hey there! 

I’m Naomi, I’m a Marine wife and a mom. I like to hike, run, rock climb, try new coffee shops, and hangout with my little family. 

Today I am going to share with you a little bit about my life as a military spouse. I just want to say that I am not an expert by any means. My husband, Micah, has been a marine for just under three years now. Although it hasn’t been long we sure have been through a lot so far.

Let’s get started! 

Micah and I were married a little over three years ago, three months later he was off to bootcamp at Parris Island, and just like that we hit the ground running. Three months without hearing each other’s voices. Three months with only snail mail to communicate. It was HARD. I lived on my own, and planned to work so I could pay our bills. Within the first week my life was completely turned upside down. 

I had someone stalking me who then tried to break into my apartment while I was home. Long story short, Micah trained me so well, God protected me, and I moved home to my parents. 

Crazy, am I right? 

All this within the first week! 

Poor Micah had no idea what had happened for weeks. I had to wait to receive his official address before sending him the news. God provided me with a job doing construction with my dad. I lived with my parents in an RV for two months. It was hard. . . I’ll just leave it at that. 

Finally, we made it to the end! I surprised him a day early and sat on the bleachers while they practiced for the ceremony. That first look took all my worries away. There has been nothing quite like it again. I finally had him back, and everything was right in the world. We only had ten days together, but anything was great at that point. During that time we found Nikki (our German Shepard) and she became my best friend and guard dog. 

Next he went on to the school of infantry, which lasted for 9 weeks. Communication was better during this time. He was able to text and FaceTime over most weekends. Whenever possible I would drive the six and a half hours to see him. Sometimes I’d get there and the libo (time off) would be taken away, but it was a risk I was always willing to take. We went through our first miscarriage half way through. . . It was one of the hardest things we’ve ever dealt with. Being apart made it that much harder.

We finally made it through that stage and he was assigned to a duty station. 

Camp Lejeune is where we ended up. Within a few days we moved into our new home, and we thought life would finally slow down just a little bit for us. 

We were wrong. 

Within the first few weeks we found out we were pregnant and that Micah was going to be deployed when I gave birth. 

Two months later he was going on a deployment work-up for eight weeks. He missed my birthday, my “first” Mother’s Day, and our first wedding anniversary. Communication during that time was hit and miss and the time differences were hard, but we made it through. 

We only had two months together before he was going to deploy and it went by way too fast! 

The inevitable happened and we had to say our goodbyes once again, but this time it would be the longest time apart yet. Fast forward two months and I gave birth to our precious little boy, Josey Douglas. The Lord answered our prayers for Micah to FaceTime during the delivery. Adjusting to a new baby is hard, but adjusting without your other half is even harder. My mom and my mother-in-law both came to help me. I sure needed them! Micah was away for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years, but God was so good through it all. The day after Valentine’s Day Micah came home. We didn’t set any expectations on how it would go, but it REALLY didn’t go well. Josey cried as soon as he heard Micah’s voice. This went on for days. . . I felt torn between them. Thankfully Micah handled it like a champ, but I know it was hard for him. We gave it time and the two of them became best buds. Life was finally complete. Plans began to form for the next deployment right away. Micah left again for a work-up and this time he missed Josey’s first birthday. He made it home in time for the holidays and we celebrated everything as if he hadn’t missed a thing. We were blessed with one amazing year together before Micah deployed again. Nothing too crazy has happened this time thankfully! I was even able to go visit him in Norway for a few days where hiked and saw as much of the country as we could. It was the trip of a lifetime. Now we’re just counting down the days until he comes home. 

Through it all God has been so present, He has given me so much peace during every stage. There is nothing like being right where God wants you to be and for Micah and I this is our calling, but it’s not for everyone. Being a Marine wife isn’t all romance, love notes, cute homecoming signs, and pictures of your hubby in his dress blues. Don’t get me wrong all those things are a plus, but they aren’t what makes up the day to day life. Keeping a close relationship long distance is hard.

Naomi Gorsline is the wife of Micah Gorsline, a Sergeant in the Marines. She is also the mother of one-year-old son, Josey, and has another little boy on the way. She is currently living in North Carolina. Together, this family serves as a wonderful reminder of all of the sacrifices a family makes when they choose to give of themselves to protect our country.