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Friend, Come to Jesus

We’re six months in from adding another baby to our family. What a joy it has been and what a struggle! Not every day is difficult–she doesn’t cry all the time, she is perfectly healthy, and seeing her sister love on her is a dream come true– in short, we are BLESSED. But the new schedule (that I thought I had all figured out, by the way), the postpartum emotions, and the serious lack of time to read my Bible and connect with my husband, definitely can take their toll.

I didn’t account for not feeling like myself even when I have every reason to be incandescently happy. I didn’t plan for no longer getting my alone time during naps each day (because without fail, #2 is always awake when #1 is napping). I didn’t think about how much emotions and energy adding another baby requires.

Days can be hard, nights can be long, and I can feel helpless. Not because my children are horrible and impossible. But because I feel like I am everywhere and nowhere at the same time. My mind is running ragged and yet I’m accomplishing “nothing”. I feel completely content with my job as a SAH-mom yet feel like I’ve completely lost myself. Do you feel this way too? Here’s what I am learning (and I’ve included a resource you NEED to have on your bedside table):

Friend, the God of the universe created woman and created motherhood. Don’t you think that perhaps He understands (even better than us) what we feel in the struggles and heartaches of being a mama? Even more, why do we not take every little thing to Him?

What would your relationship with God look like if you took every difficulty in your day today and brought it to His feet? “God, I can’t handle this. You’re going to have to take this one for me.”

Come To Jesus, p.1, Christa Threlfall

Oh, the peace you find, friend. Knowing that there is someone who understands exactly how you are feeling even though you can’t put it into words. That, even though your husband so desperately wants to help you, you just can’t quite seem to know what would really make you feel better. That even if your mind is swirling and your emotions are spent, you can rest in Jesus.

When I have no energy to get together with people, or no time to talk on the phone or have “alone-time”, I can carry on a conversation with God. He is my God. My God understands my feelings and fears. He knows the rest of my sentence even when I can’t finish it because my child needs me. He understands the toll that emotions and exhaustion can take. (If you’re questioning that, just read Matthew 26-27 for starters).

When my friend, Christa, wrote her new book Come to Jesus, I was so excited to be part of the launch team…little did I know how much I needed her 100-page book to speak to my heart.

In her book, she seeks to encourage us to come to Jesus in everything and asks her readers to consider that God “designs [our] days to keep [us] running back to Him”.

{Now, before continuing further, understanding Christa’s heart behind her book, she would want me to say that it should in no way replace the Bible. Make sure you are picking up the Bible daily before you go searching for something else to help you. But I can say, Come to Jesus is a worthy resource to add to your collection.}

In her book, Christa brings you through her own personal story to share how she learned to come to Jesus. Through seasons of loneliness, loss, and life changes, she brings it all back to Jesus, who He is, and why we can trust Him.

See a few of my favorite quotes below. (If I could type the whole book here I would…but you’ll just have to go read it yourself).

Coming to Jesus means that I look at every single circumstance in my day as an opportunity to run to Him with praise and prayer.

Come To Jesus, p.7, Christa Threlfall

Fear is easier and much more natural than faith. But faith is so much better than fear, because it’s obedience to God’s plan and there is always, always joy after obedience.

Come To Jesus, p.16, Christa Threlfall

Perhaps the reason we’re so overwhelmed is because we’re taking too much on ourselves. Or perhaps we’re overwhelmed because we’re doing the right things, but trying to do them without God.

Come To Jesus, p. 28, Christa Threlfall

That last quote gets me. Motherhood has a way of making you feel like superwoman and like a total failure all in the same day. But, no matter what, if I’m doing it without God, it’ll never seem like enough to me. I’ll remain overwhelmed. I need to bring the little, the big–everything to Jesus. Christa shares how to learn to do that in her book, and you want need, to read it.

While we can’t ignore that emotions and hormones are real and take a toll on our bodies, bringing it all to Jesus, even when it doesn’t make sense to us, makes it seems less helpless. It may not heal every single pain and we often can’t “pray away” postpartum anxiety or depression (get professional help if you need it)…BUT, We have hope in Jesus and need to bring each day to Him….because He designed us to need Him and He will never turn us away (James 4:8).

Friend, Come to Jesus, He is so worth it.

Threlfall, Christa. Come To Jesus: What If God Designs Your Days to Keep You Running Back To Him? Independently Published, 2019.

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