Celebrating Life

We celebrate life in so many different ways. We throw birthday parties, gender reveals, and baby showers to name a few. We cry tears of joy , and share our excitement in posts and pictures.

As we celebrate Easter this weekend, we are celebrating life. If we are not careful it’s easy to get caught up in the fancy outfits, the Easter basket, the Easter egg hunts, and the family lunches. But we must keep our focus on what we are celebrating, for it’s not just life in general but THE most important life. We get to celebrate that Jesus has defeated death! We get to celebrate that through this victory, He has defeated sin and provided the opportunity for ETERNAL life for us. We get to celebrate that because of His victory, the death we experience here on earth as Christians is only temporary; there is something much bigger, much more beautiful to come.

This much life should not be celebrated on one day, but every day! Yet how often do we choose to live in worry, in defeat, in guilt, or in sorrow? Remember friends, we have been freed from those things! Easter should be a reminder that we can celebrate life every day of our existence here on earth. And when that ends, we can celebrate life every day for eternity in our home in Heaven!

So just as we start to see trees blossom, green grow, and flowers bloom, let those things be an external reminder of the life we celebrate in our hearts and with our living.