What are you guys all about?

  • Head over to this page to read about our ​mission and why we created So This is Home.

Where else can I find you guys?

I have a burden to share my wisdom with other wives and mamas! Can I guest post on So This is Home?

  • YES YES YES! ​We would LOVE to hear from you and see if what you have to say fits in with our goals for this blog! Head over to our contact page here, fill out the form, and we’ll be in touch!

What kind of stuff happens in the Facebook Community group? How do I get in?

  • Just send a request to join the group, answer the 2 prompted questions, and you’ll be welcomed in with open arms! In the STIH Community you will find real wives and mamas sharing their struggles, wisdom, and encouragement. We will do book reviews, issue studies, and talk about trending topics. You will also see prayer requests shared and an overall desire to learn to love God and people better! The main purpose of the group will be to create a community across the USA of wives and mamas that are on a mission to love their lives and Jesus EVERY day and to share that love with others.